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Arc 5(s) - Black

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The TECC arc 5S adds new functionality to the most popular e-cigarette product within the TECC range, the arc 5. The inclusion of a sliding top fill tank offers quicker refilling and a higher quality airflow adjustment ring.


Who is it for?

New users and the vast majority of regular vapers.


Why should I buy?

The TECC arc 5S has a 2200mAh integrated battery, large enough to last most users a full day of vaping without recharging. The Slider CS Air tank features a sliding top fill mechanism with incorporated catch, and an improved airflow control ring. This allows for better adjustability and easier refilling. The arc 5S battery provides VW adjustment up to 40W, and is sub-ohm capable, allowing customers to use lower resistance coils such as the CS-M 0.35ohm should they wish to increase vapour production.


Product highlights

  • Everyone’s favourite e-cig with large 2200mAh battery capacity
  • Sound features work reliably together to create a perfect all-round vaping experience
  • New Slider CS Air tank, the first CS tank with sliding top fill


What Juice should I be using:

We highly recommend our Socialites 50/50 Juice for the perfect balance of vape and coil life.