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This is a difficult time...

This is a really difficult time in the vaping market.

On one hand, Vaping is more popular than ever! The NHS have finally been backing the science behind vaping and the wave of good measure it’s bringing to respiratory health, right across the UK. There are less smokers than this country has seen before, and more vapers. And finally tobacco companies seem to have simmered-down their approach to slandering the industry with lobbying etc, and seriously got involved, from an investment perspective, on a BIG scale.

However, this is also a very dark time.

From our perspective there’s never been more bogus items out there on the streets. Dodgy wholesalers up and down the county are flooding cheap, untested, and most likely dangerous products, onto the high-streets. They seem to be everywhere! And this has created a new and serious problem of criminal behaviour.

One of the solutions are stricter guidelines, which is something as a company we’re fully behind, and even welcomed back in 2014 as the TPD (tobacco product directive) was revised to include vaping. We thought this would cut out business’s who were selling them as a side hustle and allow credible stores who were willing to invest in the ordinance aspect, to take back control.
We spent so much time, energy, and money, painstakingly getting every product we sell to be approved and in order. (It wasn’t easy as some of the guidelines were a bit random)

And now the whole thing has gone crazy again.

So, all we can say to you is this.
Use reputable retailers.
Use a business that’s established and understands the dangers associated with using the wrong products, because some of the ingredients floating around in the “black market” stuff, could seriously cause you harm in the future.

We’ve always based ourselves on a customer 1st ideology as a business. And that service extends to looking out for people too.

We don’t make these things up, we proliferate what we see and hear, not just from our customers but from our colleagues.

So, trust what you’re vaping and use a business that actually cares.


- RW

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