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The benefits of Nicotine Salts

What are the benefits of Nicotine Salts? 

Up to this now, it’s certain that nicotine salts are a real talking point. Initially, they were introduced by the JUUL group and targeted towards vapers looking to quit smoking cigarettes, now they're in nearly every disposable "bar" on the market.

That said, the decision to try nicotine salts should be well informed.

You can consider using nicotine salts if:

  • You are a transitioning smoker, you want the strongest e-liquid and regular vape juices are not getting the job done.
  • You are a seasoned vaper looking for a smoother experience especially if you’re using a sub-ohm tank. If this is the case, use low concentrations.
  • You’re looking to get more value for your money by getting stronger hits while using less vape juice
  • You’re a stealth vaper and like keeping everything discreet even your hits.

Are There any Downsides to Using Nicotine Salts?

It would be false to say there are no downsides to using nicotine salts. There are a few but, not anything you should be concerned about.

  • They are hard to find in bottle form – they haven’t hit the mainstream of vaping yet so they can be a little bit hard to find compared to regular vape juices. You will discover that selections are limited and the flavours are not as robust as those of regular vape juices. If you really want a nicotine salt based vape juice, you might have to simplify your taste.
  • Work best with selected devices – regular vape juices work with virtually every device. But, nicotine salts are more obscure and may not work with cheap vaping equipment. They also work better with low-power vaping hardware.
  • Not for cloud chasers – Cloud chasers might have to sit this one out. It is harder to produce intense clouds of vapour with nicotine salt vape juices and if you try, it might leave your throat feeling less than its best. Stick to traditional vape juices if you love blowing away the competition.


Are Nicotine Salts Here to Stay? 

Over the years at Socialites, we've seen a lot of vaping products come and go. It's fair to say the vaping market is unpredictable. A lot of innovations have shown promise only to lose traction after a few months. The only certain thing is that nicotine salts are covering a market gap at the moment.

They have made vaping more attractive to beginner vapers who are running away from smoking cigarettes, or who have perhaps once tried vaping when it was still in it's earlier stages and previously written off the chances of it working out. 

However, it’s not likely that they will completely replace regular vape juices. Cloud chasing is still a big part of vaping and nicotine salts are short-handed in this area. They might end up grabbing some market share and keeping a sizeable click of loyalists.

Given the uptake, more manufacturers will definitely start offering them in more flavours. 


What would you advise? 


Our advice is to ditch the disposables, long term, and opt for Nic Salts in bottle form. A disposable at 600puffs will house only 2ml of Nic Salt juice. Where as a bottle houses 10ml for around half the price! 

The best thing for a vaper to do is choose a reliable "open pod" kit like The Smok Nord2, for example, and use Nic Salts in bottle form to boost their flavour.

This will have the exact same experience as the Elf Bar, at just a fraction of the price, moving forward. 



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